Information about me, your guitar teacher: Helmut Scholz

I have been traveling as a professional musician for over twenty-five years now – worldwide. Parallel to my concerts, I have always passed on my experiences from many years of practice as a musician and guitar teacher to my students.

My references as a professional musician and instrumental teacher in short form:

  • I completed my diploma as a “graduate of the Mannheim State University of Music, Germany” in 2002 with the highest grade (1.0).
  • Shortly afterwards, I worked as a tutor for a professor at the Mannheim State University of Music for three years. A few years later I worked there as a teacher for harmony- and ear-training.
  • During my pedagogical training to become an instrumental teacher, I focused on effective learning techniques. These include techniques such as superlearning/suggestopedia and neuro-linguistic programming NLP. It is important to me to be able to convey my knowledge to my students in the best possible way.
  • After my studies, I continued my education through private lessons and workshops with many musicians. These include musicians from Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Joe Bonamassa and many more.
  • As a professional musician, I have already been able to apply what I have learned at well over 2,000 concerts around the world. This practical experience benefits my students because I can say exactly what is “unnecessary theory” and what really works “practically”! 😉
  • Studio work for radio and television as well as theater and variety productions are among my references.
  • You can find further information (photos, videos, dates) about me as a musician on my „musician page“: www.helmut-scholz.de

Here’s a little food for thought when looking for the right teacher:

Save yourself a lot of time and nerves and learn to play the guitar “properly” from someone who has learned to teach and can also demonstrate success in practice! Don’t waste time with bad YouTube videos and tablature! You wouldn’t build your house using craft instructions from the internet, but ask a professional!

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