Online Guitar Lessons – Learn to Play Guitar With Ease

You’re ready to learn to play guitar but not sure which online guitar lessons to choose? Choosing the right lessons is as if not more important then choosing the right instrument. Without good quality instruction you can become frustrated and even not keep up with your new hobby.

Below are our our top 5 rated learn guitar online programs. Each of these courses has something to offer to the beginning guitarist and several even offer intermediate level instruction. Each course is rated based on our actual user experience and review.


jamplay review

Publisher: JamPlay Inc.
Course Website:
Best For: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Kids
400+ hours of guitar instruction for all skill levels from 40+ professional guitar teachers for less then $20 bucks a month probably sounds like a pretty sweet deal huh?

If so then you probably already understand why we feel JamPlay has the best online guitar lessons out of any provider online.

With full lessons series available for beginner acoustic and electric, intermediate rock, metal, blues guitar lessons and more JamPlay is the only online guitar lessons course you’ll need to master the instrument and any style you wish.

Beyond online video guitar lessons JamPlay has a very busy private members forum where you can interact with other members as well as teachers. Daily live webcam lessons you can attend and a huge practice library full of jam backing tracks, chord diagrams and scales.


Puublisher: Guitar Tricks
Course Website:
Best For: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Kids

Guitar Tricks has more then 3000 online guitar lesson videos by more then 40 different instructors. Like JamPlay, Guitar Tricks offers a full beginner guitar program in their Guitar Fundamentals 1 & 2 as well as in depth blues, rock, country and full song lessons to choose from for intermediates.

The downside to Guitar Tricks is their video quality isn’t as good as JamPlay’s and the don’t have all the multimedia aspects such as the webcam lessons available. How ever Guitar Tricks is $5 cheaper per month then JamPlay which makes up for the lost features.

Right now you can try Guitar Tricks out for FREE for the first 14 days thanks to a special trial promotion they have running.

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar
Publisher: Legacy Learning Systems
Course Website:
Best For: Beginners and Intermediate

Another DVD guitar course, Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar is the “grand daddy” of guitar learning programs.

For the beginner or intermediate guitarist who is serious about mastering the instrument, this 25 disc home study course covers everything from how to hold and tune your guitar to advanced jazz and blues styles.

Included with the course are 20 lesson DVDs, 5 Jam Along Cds for practicing and an in depth work book to practice from.

There’s a very busy private members support forum available where you can interact with other students as well as course instructor Steve Krenz and ask questions if you get stuck.

The down side to this online guitar lessons course is there is just a ton of content and not every beginner guitarist wants to learn every single thing there is to know about the guitar.


Publisher: Rock Star Recipes
Course Website:
Best Price: $99.95
Best For: Beginners

Jamorama is an online guitar lesson course which is downloaded after purchase and used on your local computer. This is the online online guitar course in our top 5 which isn’t entirely video based.

The beginner lessons are a mixture of PDF lesson book and video clips to explain each new skill and technique. This may be ideal for some learners, most beginners we’ve worked with enjoy full video instruction much better leaving the lesson books for practice time only.

Besides the fact of being a downloaded course it’s also reasonably expensive costing almost $200, making Jamorama the most expensive online guitar lessons we reviewed.



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