Learn and Master Guitar Review

Learn and Master Guitar Review
Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar Review

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar has been a hit thus far with beginner and intermediate guitar players looking for an online guitar lesson alternative to private instruction.

The course comes with 25 discs (20 DVDs and 5 Cds), 100 page lesson book and unlimited access to their private online members forum.

Unlike some other online guitar courses (JamPlay , GuitarTricks) Learn & Master is entirely a DVD based course so you can watch your lessons either on your computer or home DVD player. Some enjoy this alternative as their computer room isn’t always where they want to practice.

My Experience

I was an owner of the original Learn & Master Guitar course which I liked but found the video quality was becoming a bit outdated. I had been holding out waiting for them to update it and was pleased with the final product they came up with.

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar consists of 20 sessions that are each subdivided into smaller sub-categories (6-10 per session). When you sit down to watch a lesson you’ll likely only watch a few of the sub-sections rather then the entire session.

Lesson Book

The lesson book is the second most important part of the program. The book is divided into 20 sections, one for each session on the DVDs. In each section there is an overview of the video you just watched, practice exercises and references to the jam along discs for which tracks you should use to practice in this section.

Jam Discs

These jam tracks are top notch. While some online guitar lessons sites use cheap sounding programmed drums these discs contain real live recorded instruments mixed in a professional studio to create album quality jam tracks (take a list to a few here).

These are perfect for practicing each new skill you’ll learn as it teaches you how to use those new skills in a band environment as well as how to keep time and play along with other musicians, something most guitar lessons don’t do.


Like most other guitar courses we’ve reviewed Learn and Master Guitar comes with lifetime access to a private student only forum where you can chat with other students and ask questions of the instructor. This helps keep you motivated and ensures that if you get stuck you’ll receive encouragement and feedback.


Course author and instructor, Steve Krenz, is a professional performing guitarist and teacher. He’s made a career of playing and teaching the guitar and he knows how to best bridge difficult topics such as barre chords, scales and musical theory with beginners.

He has a soft spoken step-by-step approach in each and every video that makes you feel almost as if he’s right there with you.


For a beginner I don’t think there’s a better quality guitar course out there. Of course it also costs more then other online guitar lessons, but you get what you pay for.

If you’re an intermediate guitarist there is still a lot of content that you’ll likely be able to learn from in this course, how ever it’s understandable if you’d prefer to save some money and join a membership like JamPlay where you can learn from a variety of teachers and styles.

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