Guitar Tricks Review and Coupon Code

Guitar Tricks Review
Main Advantages

The best site for beginner guitarist
Can sign up for free and try it out (great if your first membership site)
Has over 8,000 lessons so you never run out of stuff to play
Is the most affordable guitar lessons and you have a 60 day refund guarantee


Learning to play the guitar has its advantages. For one, it gives you a source of good self-confidence from learning to play an instrument. It provides you a medium of release for your creative juices. Also, it’s such a crowd pleaser, much more for the opposite sex. Learning to play a guitar is like a skill. While it is true that there are talented people who are just made to shred the guitar, but most of the time, most people would just love to learn how to play a lot of song tunes. Thankfully, you don’t need to have a prodigy-like talent for that. Just the right teacher and practice will do. This is where Guitar Tricks comes in.

Having a great teacher or teaching method is very important. You will be able to learn faster since much of the trial and error are already done for you by your teacher. More importantly, a good teacher will steer you away from acquiring bad habits that will not only be difficult to get rid of in the future, but will also limit your overall progress. is a great online learning tool that will help you with all these and much more. The rest of the article is going to serve as a review. Core Learning System


What makes so unique is their Core Learning System. Guitar Tricks have focused a great deal of effort into it since 2005. The result is nothing short of astounding. The site has compiled more than 1,500 lessons that are designed to help you move from being a beginner to an expert in the shortest time possible.

They have tutorials that consist of complete basics and all the way up to advanced techniques such as two-hand taps and sweeping.

Another great feature of GuitarTricks is after you have completed a certain stage and you will be given the option on what kind of guitar-playing style to concentrate, whether its rock, country or blues.
The most important strong point of is the sheer value you get. Factoring the lesson series, which are now more than 1,500 lesson series and 400 song lessons. Also, you will also gain access to a wide range of resources in the form of metronome, jam tracks and scale library to name a few. Combining all these value factors against the price, it’s easy to conclude, you are getting the most of your buck.
The features mentioned here are only a few, but these are the ones that’s “make or break” in making a purchasing decision. There are certainly a lot more features. Also, you are not restricted to play the lessons in order; you will have access to them anytime. There are also great filtering options such as song writing and speed.
The only problem with is navigating through the site. The site is easy to navigate, but there are times that browser issues often occur, especially when you hit the back button. It’s more of a minor flaw actually, a minor annoyance at worst.
All in all, Guitar Tricks offers great value for the money. If you are asking if it’s worth investing, then the answer is, safe to say, a big yes

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