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Hey what’s up? Before you read on below I wanted to give you some straight talk right off the bat and let you know where you should spend your time learning guitar.

First off, something I have done quite a bit and you probably have too is utilize YouTube for guitar tips and tricks. What did you think? Limited right? I mean why else would you be here?

You can definitely learn different chords and progressions on YouTube but if you straight up REALLY want to learn the proper way to play guitar than you are going to need something else. Something a little more organized and structured right? Well than let me just tell you a few that I have tried out an can recommend.


You can read a full blown review here and also get an inside look behind the login over here.

Basically you get access to about 40 teachers of all different genres and levels with over 4,200 HD videos for about 17 bucks a month. And you will actually learn to PLAY SONGS.

Anyhow I would advise you go and CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF

Guitar Tricks

Some call it the easiest , quickest way to learn guitar.

Over 8000 lessons!
They let you try it out of FREE!
Probably the most affordable


Learn Guitar Software – The Facts

There is nothing like being with someone who can pick up a guitar and start to play songs to entertain everyone. Not only is the guitar one of the most well known and loved instruments in the world it is also one of the easier to learn. Most people will remember having to learn to play instruments at school with classmates all round you and this method of teaching can put a lot of people off. Today thankfully things have changed and if you want to play guitar you can access learn guitar software that is easy to use and gets results.


Is Learn Guitar Software for Me?

To be able to answer this question you need to know what this software is all about. However, if you have access to the internet, a guitar and want to learn you have everything you need to make a start. The only thing missing is the software that will get you playing guitar like a pro in no time. Take a closer look at what you can expect from this software and why so many others are using it.

What Can I Expect?

If you decide to use learn to play guitar software you can expect to have a series of video tutorials that you can use at home. These are created by expert guitar players and will allow you to work at your own pace. If there is something you need practice on or do not totally understand you can go back over it until you have mastered it. You will not be expected to rush along with the pace of others, as you might have to in traditional lessons, and this can boost your confidence. By learning at your own speed you are more likely to succeed as the techniques are embedded in your mind.

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Benefits of Learning Software

Here are some of the benefits that others who have used this type of software have experienced:

Clear lessons with a structure that is easy to follow. You will be taken through the different areas of learning using videos that are simple and straightforward. With learning like this you can also re-watch videos whenever you need to, so nothing is ever missed.
You can choose the level of learning that you need. If you are a beginner there are hundreds of lessons you to choose from. If you are more experienced you can learn a particular style, song or skill in order to build on your existing knowledge.
As the course is online you can access it whenever you have free time. So if you feel like playing at 3.00am you can (your neighbors might have something to say about that though).
If you want to be able to play in a certain style- rock, blues, folk etc you can opt for lessons that focus on this particular area. Being able to do this means that your interest in learning will always be high as you are not having to play dull tunes.
Does it Work?

The short and simple answer to this question is ‘yes. This type of software really does work to help people of any ability play guitar, but you have to have the drive to want to learn first. It is essential that you put in the time and effort required to be able to learn how to play the guitar using software. Make sure you listen carefully to each and every lesson and you will find that you start to make really progress.

If you are a total novice you really should choose a beginners software package as this will provide you with all the basics that you need. For more experienced players why not go for an intermediate or advanced course which will give you even more knowledge than you already have.

If you want to learn how to play bass you will be able to use software to help you to progress. Just like learning how to play the guitar you will be taken through the different techniques and disciplines that you need to be successful. You will also be able to hear how bass lines should sound, which will help you to refine and improve your sound.

When can I Start?

As you can access all of this information online you can start to learn how to master the guitar any time you want. There really is no waiting time needed for this software, just make the decision to learn, get your guitar and get started!

You will find that using this kind of software to learn an instrument is not only a lot of fun but it will really get you the results you are looking for. It will also save you time and money as you can learn at home and go over any lessons as many times as you like. So if you want to play guitar but want to do it at home, software like this is ideal

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